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About Meralex

Meralex Global Foundation was envisioned for years by Alex Akinwande. He was not sure how to impact the community in which he was a product of, so he consulted a friend, Abiodun Omotayo, in Nigeria. Both of them, together with their wives, Mercy Akinwande and Funmilayo Omotayo,  have been instrumental in the leadership and delivery of the necessary functions of the organization.

Meralex Global Foundation is a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to alleviate poverty in Africa, through charitable acts.

Currently Meralex has been successful in aiding primary (elementary) school students with school/hygiene supplies as well as assisting to ensure adequate teachers for the schools involved. 


Most people can pinpoint a moment in time where they can remember that someone impacted their life. We at Meralex Global Foundation want to continually create such memories in poverty-stricken areas as a ray of hope to those communities to remind them of how we can all show God's love. We need one another to reach our goals and God-given potential. Often it takes one act of kindness to remind us that we are not alone and someone cares. Here at Meralex Global Foundation this is why we care.

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